A lookup with dataviewjs in Metadata Menu plugin

I have a fileClass “Project” and in it a field “Life Area”.
Using Metadata Menu plugin I try to populate the options for that field from all pages that I have with the #Area tag, see screenshot. The query doesn’t return a thing. Why?

Don’t you need to pick out what you need out of those pages? Like either of the following:


Or something like that. With just the dv.pages('#area') you get a full list of pages with all their data, and not just a list of strings which it seems like this field requires.

Disclaimer: I’ve not used the Metadata Menu plugin, so I’m just answering from general experience

Thanks for your response @holroy . Even with your suggestion there are no results returned.

I you want to pick from a list of file links for this field, you’ll have to use the « File Field » type: select the « Accept a link » option in the « Field type » setting, and your query should work just fine

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