A "Library/Bookshelf" for better overview of PDF and eBooks

I got the idea from the Gallery plugin, which displays all images in masonry layout. As someone who uses Obsidian for book notes and annotations, it would be really helpful if there was such a plugin that can display a view of all PDFs and eBooks in the vault


I would love that too.

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I would be interested in that as well, good idea.

That would be awesome! Just a thought: Also some way of making little ordered piles or something of pdf books, I personally need to be able to see the covers or else I totally forget about them (hate super long lists of titles). I pile them up by how alike they are or if there is some plan for that collection just on my desktop screen but it get real messy after a while.

I was googling this, But I wander, I have 5-6 gbs of pdfs, epubs. it should be stay on cloud and only be downloaded when needed

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