A keystroke for skipping to the end of autobrackets or autoquotes, etc. [[]], " "

Question I asked on Discord: is there some kind of keystroke that will skip to the end of the autobrackets for when I type, “[[]]” or " " , etc. ?

enter? or you mean like without filling in the [[]]?

my reply:

well if I type [[new link]] and I hit enter it will choose whichever existing link is in the dropdown menu… if I am typing quotes the first " followed by the autopopulating 2nd quote will appear and if i just type enter it will send me to a new line. currently I have to use the keyboard arrows to go to the end of all that and I just hoped there was some kind of keystroke besides the arrows that would do this

There are many instances where I will type something and then have to use the arrow keys to move to the end and continue typing, It seems it would be very helpful if there was a single key that could be used to perform this task in some manner or at least that is my hope with this feature request.

In MacOS youcan use Ctrl + E to go to the end of the current line that you’re writing. Or you could use Command + right arrow. On Windows you can use the End key, which will take you to the end, or Control + right arrow.

If you’re using Vim mode in the editor you can use Escape and then A. There are multiple ways of doing this wihtout being a feature. Not sure if this really applies as a feature?

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not sure if this is exactly what you need, but in vim pressing $ takes you to the end of the line.

or you could quikly move right by using w which does the same as l but instead of moving through every character w moves quickly through words.

Hope it helps