A key command to select a link without opening it in Live Preview

Use case or problem

With the update of 0.13.30 (technically 0.13.25, but I’m not on the insider build) there is a new feature in Live Preview to open links on click rather than Ctrl/Cmd+Click.
Obsidian Release v0.13.25 (Insider build)

However, this means that there is no easy way to select a link without opening it when editing in Live Preview mode.

Proposed solution

Adding a new shortcut, I propose Alt+Click, that allows the selection of a link without opening it immediately. This would allow Live Preview to still have consistent behavior with the rest of the application, while still allowing the easy editing of link.

Current workaround (optional)



Does Ctrl/Cmd+Click not do it? (I’m not on 13.30 yet.) I’d assumed from the release notes that it would but they don’t actually say that.

If not, I imagine drag-selecting the link (maybe from a space away) should reveal its markup.

CTRL CLICK works in v0.13.30 on macOS.


Ctrl+Click on windows 10 opens the page in a new pane, which is consistent reading mode.

Drag clicking still works, so that does work as a workaround.

Right, sorry, I overlooked that in the release notes. What about Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Click, which used to open in new pane?

Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Click does technically work, however that’s only because it selects the section between the cursor position and the link. That’s not really helpful because it still takes an additional click or button press to deselect the text.

It seems like Shift+Click has the same behavior.

alt-click can’t be used because it’s for multiple cursors.
Use right-click or click and drag to select.

Right click opens the context menu, which is still not ideal.

@mr_abomination I made a request a while back to make it easier to select link text. There is no reason a similar request couldn’t be made that doesn’t just select the text inside the brackets, but also selects the brackets. Here it is if you are interested: Hotkey limiter for text inside and outside link brackets

Of course rather than it being a lock, your request might just automatically select the link text and brackets when the hotkey is pressed while cursor is inside of brackets.


I don’t think there’s anything ideal because we ran out of modifiers. We will add “open” to the context menu (along with “open in new pane”). You can also use click and drag (the mouse) to select a link.

Ctrl/Cmd-Alt-Click will be introduced in 0.14 for this.

CMD-ALT-click is certainly better than nothing, but I have to say the old way was far better for someone like me who does a lot of editing. Fingers crossed for a plugin (or, better still, setting) to allow simple clicks to edit, and CMD-clicks to follow the link.

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