A dilemma on note connection


I have a dilemma… I am creating notes that at the moment are configured as conceptual “nodes” regardless of the language of origin. For example, concepts like “Place” or “Reality”. At the moment it may be convenient for me to create a single note for all languages using aliases but I am foreshadowing a problem the day I want to create independent “nodes” for each language. I don’t know if I have managed to explain myself…

Do you have any advice? Is there an efficient way to switch links mentions between notes?

Can you help me understand the purpose behind using Obsidian in this way? Maybe an example showing the conceptual node and an example of a note linked to that would assist.

I believe I understand aliases well enough to say that you could use a programming language to easily search a vault of notes to find and replace the link destination (originally the “conceptual node”) with the display text (the alias). You could also manually modify the backlinks from the conceptual node.

This relationship feels similar to a “map of content”, which you might use to manage your list of related notes rather than adding aliases.

Thank you @Stray-Sticky-Note

For work, sometimes I need to have the same texts translated in 3/4 languages (I’m an Italian mother tongue, I live in Spain in a place where there are two official languages)… these texts sometimes refer to concepts like “Place” (for give an example), about which I am collecting information in two different languages, focusing on what the word means culturally according to the specific culture/language. But in other cases I create a single note in which I mix the languages without problems (like in this case). I was wondering what would happen when at some point I decide to “disconnect” a note written in Italian from the notes in Spanish, I suppose a good way could be a massed search and replace or create some “bridge” notes like this in Obsidian help, maybe with MoCs (like in this case).

The difference between one method and another is whether the notes are intended for the reader or for me: some end up being published on a Publish site, that I use to publish stuff that doesn’t fit on my main site (a bit like digging, a bit like blogging). For exemple: posts related to “place” only from Catalan languages…

My suggestion will be to use tags to solve this problem. You can add nested tags at the beginning of your files signaling which language they are written in like #language/euskara or #language/italian. This will allow you to easily browse through your notes that way. You can also start your files with a language code ES-name-of-file or IT-EN-name-of-file. Some of these conventions can be automated via a plugin like rapid notes


Thank you @PR-C good suggestions!