A button or link to next note in files tree?

What I’m trying to do

Is there a way/plugin that allows me to automatically insert a link in my notes to the next note on the files tree? For example I have a book divided into chapters in a specific folder. I need chapter 1 note to show a button taking my to chapter 2 instead of opening files tree. Any ideas?

How do you define the order in your folder? Does each chapter start with something like Chapter #, or similar?

If so, it’s possible to use some javascript to make a navigational header selecting the next in list. If you’re having the chapter number in the frontmatter, it’s also possible to do similar stuff, but it’s a little bit harder.

If you’re not into coding, there are some plugins which allow for defining relationships between document. E.g. the ExcaliBrain and Breadcrumbs plugins offer this kind of relationship linking, I think. Maybe check out the Breadcrumbs documentation, and the Prev/Next view possibly in combination with Folder notes or ordinary markup.

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