A Better Search And Result Display for Obsidian

What I’m trying to do - I know this is a huge ask…

Does anyone know of a way to have information displayed on an index page instead of in the search bar when searching? The closest way I can describe it is like a category on a blog, where a result like the following is displayed based on a tag/category when a tag or category is searched for:


Search: Chinese Medicine


Chinese Medicine Overview

Chinese medicine is a system of holistic medicine that is at least a thousand years old. What we know of it today began in mainland China with a collated text called the Huangdi Neijing. (read more)

The Concept of Heat in Chinese Medicine

Heat is an energetic quality that effects body tissues in various ways. In Chinese Medicine it has subdivisions such as toxic heat, damp heat, and dry heat. These lead to various states of harmony or disharmony within the body. (read more)

So… instead of search results showing in the tiny window on the left, it would be much more readable if it was full screen on a page, like so: Warm the Interior Archives - Chinese Herbal Medicine

Things I have tried

  1. Tagging articles in the frontmatter and searching for them with built in search
  2. Making index pages with Zootelkeeper and folders of articles (still leaves a lot to be desired, because I don’t want to have to generate an index page for every single term I want to search for—that would be a nightmare of folders)

qawatake has built a new plugin that sort of match what u need. But its not officially in the community plugin yet. Can always give a try via BRAT

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I just saw that in the Obsidian roundup newsletter and was coming here to post it!

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