3 "larger" questions regarding PKM and Obsidian workflow(s)

  1. MOC’s: I have yet to watch a video that explains the creation of MOC’s in a way that I understand it. I definitely like the idea of having a note that functions a bit like a “table of contents,” but everything I read says that it is NOT meant to be a comprehensive index … can someone explain?

  2. Now that I have a critical mass of notes, when I create new notes, I don’t necessarily remember all of my notes so that I can successfully link the new note to older ones … Any advice?

  3. How do you all use daily notes? Thank you!!!


When I collect notes, after a few, there might be a theme, so I’ll maybe make it a tag. Maybe I remember to go back and tag previous ones. Maybe not.

If it seems li’ it keeps going, or will keep going, I’ll start linking to a MOC. It may not exist, but I’ll link to it.

For example, I kept capturing random psychological principles, so I started adding a link to a [[psychology]] MOC. After more notes popped up, I created the Psychology file and used the backlinks pane to drag the links in. Moved about a bit, and voila, MOC.

I write about workshops a lot, so I knew that would be a MOC from the beginning. However it’s a mess with links and notes and just crazy. That’s ok because I haven’t gotten to the point where I know the best way to organize it. I add stuff every once in a while. It’s like a fridge with a bunch of notes and links to notes stuck to it.

For another topic in storytelling, I have one giant note filled with outlines and brief paragraphs. I can tell that at some point, I’ll have a clearer view of how to break it up, and this one giant note will break apart into lots of little notes and turn into a MOC.


This is a great place to look for a MOC. Grab a note or two that seem related and a link to summary note. Like my psychology, workshops, or storytelling notes above. Browse around and look for others.

If you have group of notes on a subject, you might move them to a sub folder for a while so you can get a sense of what’s there. My workshop notes are in a sub folder. (My psychology notes aren’t.)

Daily notes

I use daily notes to capture random stuff from during the day. Like a bullet journal. Most of it is only useful on that day or within a few weeks if I want to find when I did something or the phone number to a Dr. I called or something. Otherwise, they melt away into the past.

I pretty much never link to evergreen notes from my daily notes. I even keep them in separate folders.


I’m not sure if I responded to this or not, but this is very helpful, thank you!