"3 ≤ Daily Tasks ≤ 9" Techniques


(#d/must , #d/need, #d/may ) x 3 ≤ 9 daily tasks

Only 1 Underscore after tag (#d/must) for better visual.

#d/must _07: 00 [[must to do#subtasks]] | 0.5 hrs


You can customize colors in CSS file.

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Thanks for sharing this, I like that the tasks are embedded in the daily timeline (I would slightly modify it for use with the Daily Planner plugin).

I start my day with listing out my “3 MITs” - three most important tasks. It’s my intention to complete those but I often fail to stay focused on those three! Often they are distasteful, or take more time than I have available, so I shift over to something easier/quicker/more pleasant. i.e. I procrastinate, like I’m doing right now! Cheers :slight_smile:


When I develop this daily tasks Techniques, I droped Day planner.

Bcz the time duration is really easy, I don’t need mermaid for visualization, no need task notification on Obsidian, I can take repeat notification with mobole calendar.

Bcz of only 3 must tasks, my mind , my constraint are more focus on those 3 MUST tasks.

About this, I could say a lot, but I have another relevant 3 the biggest categories techniques , combine with "3 ≤ Daily Tasks ≤ 9” Techniques.

But those are relevant Chinese Culture that hard to say in English.

About this, I didn’t focus on speed, I don’t put my mind for complete, I don’t need complete in today, but today I can complete a part of them, that’s enough.

Yeah. You also could change the different 3 categories by your situation.

MUST means: the most important than other tasks. The one of standard important is that if I do it thing , other tasks will more easier, or don’t need do more. OR I lack of this task. so I have to do it first to move this task to first and in today. OR this task just need short time.

NEED means: if I have free time, I’ll do it .

MAY means: do it by mood. whatever in today. maybe this task will be moved first in the another day. I just lack of some knowledge about this task.

In my mind, I don’t have procrastinate, it’s not mental illness.

I just lack of sufficient knowledge about this, so I don’t have enough motivation to do it.


Thank you for explaining your approach, you did an excellent job explaining a subtle concept in English. I like using a “rule of 3” to structure work, priorities and goals in order to help with focus. I find it is also quite a natural number at least in the US (Barak Obama was famous for talking about 3 main points in his speeches, and I tend to use a similar technique). It is also easier to remember three things if you are giving a speech or presentation!

I would call your approach “3 x 3 x 3” or “3 by 3 by 3”. Here is what I understood:

  • Break your date into 3 segments [optional?]
  • In each segment of time, focus on 1 “must do” task, which will make many other tasks easier.
  • Focus on making progress on that “must do” task during that time segment
  • If you have time remaining then work on the “need to do” task. You have to do it, even if it doesn’t make anything else easier.
  • Let yourself spend some time on a task that matches your “mood”. (I think for me this is a dangerous area since I will gravitate towards these!!)

Thanks again.


Yes, You’re right.

The name

The name could be changed, but the core thoughts is the same.

“rule of 3”, “3 x 3 x 3” or “3 by 3 by 3” or "3 main points " are good name.

First we got 3 the biggest categories, and then divide it to more small .

3 main points

If we can’t get 3 points, usually we truely deeply don’t understand.

Such as Reading a book, take 3 main points = 3 the biggest categories = 3 macro catergories = 3 the topest catergories .

We often write many many points , break down / divide many many points in outliner app. That’s make chaos, not clearly , not simple, not easy to use them, not easy to remember them/memory them , not easy to speak them, waste a lot of time.

If we take “rule of 3” , easy to categorize, easy to use, easy to remember, easy to take note, easy to speak and clearly structure.

From big to small.

but we do it from small to big.

Big things from small beginnings.

Then same : Small things from Big bang.

3 the biggest categories.

All my todo, tasks, plans just have 3 the biggest categories.

In english name is Self-cultivation, Practice, Mind .

In Chinese name is 修身( self-cultivation), 修行, 修心。

Self-cultivation 修身

Self-cultivation include 2 parts:

  1. It Include Health, body , Sports fitness. and Tai ji , Kongfu, Wushu Exercise for Life Enhancemnt , meditation, Yoga ,etc.

If without good body / health, we can’t get good “Practice", and good Mind.

  1. 2nd part is about Moral of Chinese culture. Daxue 大學 (www.chinaknowledge.de)

Practice 修行

Practice meaning is from Buddhism, but other religion can also use it , or change the other name , but the meaning is the same as Practice .

This Practice categories include all my work, job , business, life stuff .
talking, playing game, whatever where, who , time .

If they’re student, studying is their Practice .

All my work, job , business, life stuff are Practice .

The Practice of purpose is Mind(Heart). In Chinese the name is 心。

  • to cultivate the heart.

Cultivate the heart 修心

This categories include our mind, our brain , our thinking method, philosophy,
about how to think with when Practice tasks.

How to think when we’re talking , etc.

about The Heart Sutra in English Heart Sutra - Wikipedia

Other religion have the same thing , just different name .

Well this (Cultivate the heart ) have a lot things, deeply philosophy, I can’t speak more clearly in forum.

The time.

The time is about The 24 Solar Terms

12 two-hour periods https://www.nirvananaturopathics.com/blog/traditional-chinese-organ-body-clock

The time segment is dynamic , not static.

2 weeks later, this task don’t need much more time , I’ll take 1 hour to do it. or completely done . Such as Yoga.

Why we need take more time at beginning ?

Bcz we don’t much know it. right ?

So I don’t much need daily template. Copy & paste and modify task is more easy built template. The template is static, not much intelligence.

Althoughthe idea is about chinese culture, we take the “rule of 3” .

Yes. right.

This let you have to think the relationship of tasks for make tasks priority .

Example , If we learn some language , we’ll easy to learn mathematics,
If we learn some language, and mathematics, we’ll easy to learn other disciplinary,such as , physical chemistry. Right ?

Can we learn artificial intelligence without learned language and mathematics ?

Can we singing without learned language ?

The same , to think the relationship of many tasks.

In emotion or in logic , we think this task are more close to other task ( must task), we put this task to "need " categories.

Probably the name of " need" make confused.

The same, the relationship degree of " may task" are far away from “must task” . it’s a lab task. it’s for fun task, it’s experimental task, it’s side project. like those concept.

3 ≤ Daily Tasks ≤ 9

We don’t must to do 9 task in daily.

We don’t must to do " Need task" and “May task".

We don’t must to take plan " Need task" and “May task" before doing task.

Leave them blank ,it’s ok. Or add them during time. It’s ok.

We just do 3 task , 3 must task in the whole daily.

That’s enough , after done 3 must task , our mood will be good.

and them to make a decision for “Need task” or/and “May task” that is not late.

So, We just focus on making decision for only 3 must task in daily .

That’s “3 ≤ Daily Tasks ≤ 9 ” the meaning.


The 3 is what ?

It’s number ? yes, but also it’s the rule ?

yes , but the rule is what ?

the rule is order ? yes, but the order is what ?

The final answer is the 3 is degree, not just number.

like the Temperature degree, distance degree, strength degree, speed degree, mood degree, relationship degree , intimate degree, priority degree
Time degree.

Time number is also degree( the earth are moving around the sun makes light, dark, seasons, cold degree, warm degree ,etc ).

“The must, need, may task” categories are also task relationship degree, task priority degree in daily .

What’s the mean " main " ? It’s also about degree .
Heavy , lightweight . right ?

We use “degree” for make task categories , make task priority , make a task decision , structure task, structure plan.

Yeah. you also can change the name ,but the meaning is the same.

Degree also is frequency, rate of recurrence .

In different areas, have different name, but the meaning is the same.

like Music frequency:1234567 = C、D、E、F、G、A、B = Do ,Re, Mi ,Fa ,Sol ,La, Si .

All number is degree , aslo is the rule, is the order .


Yes. When I analyze a situation I may start out by discovering and capturing many many points, but that is just chaos ,as you said. You must bring order to that chaos - that is the key step in creating value. Once you have clarity on the few (3!) key dimensions, you can then deliver that value. In Obsidian forum a lot of the focus is on delivering that value by writing. But of course you can deliver value by speaking. Or by developing a business strategy. Or by spending your time in accord with what you’ve learned.

In analysis, I try to discover the key few dimensions that allow me to simplify the chaos. But “simplify” is not the right word. The work of bringing order to chaos can be difficult. Summarizing it in just 3 points (3 dimensions…) is deceptively simple :slight_smile:

You’ve given me much to think about with the rest of your post. Thank you.

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You can try to find the rule of 3 in life.

3 basic/root/ primary

3 primary colors : rgb, cmy

3 life domains :Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryota

3 areas : Heaven, Human, Earth. (Chinese Culture) , (2^3) = 8 , (2^6) = 64

And then, The 3 divide, break down, develop many many many more things.

When I take a task, first I think put them which areas in 3 ?

Yeah. it’s really hard , in English and greek world, in philosophy there’s no similar 3 basic/root categories.

In Chinese, there’s exist, but some people didn’t use them in knowledge mangament. I did it for simple/quick, works, safe/accurate.

I called “ Include " , "inclusion "

The name of “incude” meaning incude " simplify . :grin:

Very interesting post. I agree with @bobkitz it gives me much to consider. @Connor96 thank you for sharing.

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I love this idea.