2 Macs on different insider build

Things I have tried

I have Obsidian installed on 2 Macs, both on the same and latest Mac OS. Both are linked to the same Obsidian account (Catalyst). One Mac has automatically updated to 0.16.1 , the other Mac still stuck on 0.15.9. I have clicked “check for updates” button numerous time for the last 3 days but the one with 0.15.9 still refused to update.

What I’m trying to do

Should I uninstall Obsidian and re-install again? I am using Obsidian sync, so I guess the vault should have all the files there already?

post a screenshot of the page where you click for updates in the mac that doesn’t update.

My bad, just released that I did not check the “install insider build” option.

Sorry for this

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Actually, mine got unchecked too on MacOS, but remained checked in Windows. I wonder if it got unchecked automatically in one of the recent releases. I’ve had it checked for months or years now. After I read your reply, I went and turned it back on.

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