10.5: panes & panels, general & specific issues

since 10.5

  • Andy’s sliding panel view does not seem to work, tho separate panes still appear and be relocated
  • relocating panes has inconsistent result—for example, when only 1⁄4 of the window sometimes slightly overlapping at right side, sometimes with empty bar on left
  • especially difficult working with back link and dangling link panes—sometimes (usually but not always) choosing in the control panel (which does ⁄NOT⁄ find the term ”backlink") to show dangling links results in no visible pane because it’s actually in the far right panel that is closed (is unexpected, but can then be relocated); the back link pane can usually be moved to stop it from floating (needed because it often obscures the lower portion of the preview pane which is usually to the right of my edit pane), but sometimes it seems there are 2 of them, one moved & one still floating

I don’t understand.
Please, one report per post. Also, follow the template.
When reporting bugs make sure you can reproduce with no third-party plugins and default css.
In this case, also attach screen recordings.

OK, tho the main issues all appeared at the same time…

if you have an issue with andy mode, you need to update that plugins and contact the author. We don’t provide support for third party plugins.

since the issue appeared after 10.5, and plugins are always updated, it had seemed to be an Obs issue. however, trying a new vault w⁄out any 3rd party plugin shows there are bigger changes (such as moving the ·css) than had appeared before, and that – indeed – some plugins now need more work. too bad, as I use ⁄many⁄—but, will contact the writers directly…

even some themes can interfere with proper display…