1.Only index .md files to build the workspace when load vault for largely improving loading speed. 2. Only show .md files and subfolders in the "File" window to avoid irrelevant info

  1. Can obsidian only index .md files to build the workspace when load vault for largely improving loading speed? This feature is important especially for very huge folder as vault. A lot of software can immediately find out all *.md files in a specific folder including its subfolders in extremely short duration based on reading USN Journal on all NTFS volumes in the hard drives, so can the obsidian also add such mechanism to find only the *.md files and only load them in much shorter duration?

  2. Can obsidian only show .md files and subfolders in the File window to avoid irrelevant information? Actually, this should be applied for not only the root vault folder but also for every subfolders. This feature is important for the case that we actually do not want to put these .md files separately from other useful files but instead mix them together thus once we open the obsidian window we only want to see the .md files as the notes but hide other files.

If there’s already any method (including plugins) to realize above functions, please do let me know. Thank you!

About 1:

  • I believe this FR is already fulfilled; I don’t think Obsidian indexes contents of non-markdown files. (edit: inserted “contents of”)
  • Obsidian does not necessarily wait for indexing to be completed. For large vaults, indexing typically finishes a few seconds after the workspace gets ready.

Also, I think it’s better to open a thread for each feature request separately.

  1. No — but it only indexes their names and locations, not the contents as it does with .md files.

  2. Sort of. Turning off Settings > Files & Links > “Detect all file extensions” will hide file types that Obsidian can’t open but still show non-.md type that it can. I believe it’s possible to use a CSS snippet to hide those (I can’t provide details but if you search here or Discord I suspect someone has posted info about it).

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