1.5.0 launch and system reqirements

Is there any information about when version 1.5 will be released?
(I am waiting for tables since a long time)
And what are the system requirements for 1.5 for macOS?

I couldn’t wait any longer and signed up for the one-time $25 insider payment that now gives me access to all betas forever - no more waiting for me :grin:

Same here :slight_smile:

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There are no ETAs, ever. v1.5 will come when it comes.

I think the question here may be what installer and/or what Electron version will run on what macOS version(s) going forward.


Thank you for comments!
Well, I don’t want to buy the beta only to find out that it doesn’t run on my system. So: is there anything known about the system requirements?

If 1.4 works on your system, so should 1.5 since Obsidian is based on Chromium and Electron, so it should work on all major platforms (if you have the latest Chrome browser and it works, so should Obsidian)

However, keep in mind that with a catalyst license you get beta/insider versions, which are not guaranteed to be bug-free, on the contrary, it will have bugs since that’s the whole point of releasing it as a beta, to test it privately and report any bugs before releasing it to the public.

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Thank you very much, @woofy31 :slightly_smiling_face:

I have macOS X 10.14.6 and can’t update Chrome anymore since a couple of month. So it may become a problem. I also have no desire for incompatibilities with plugins.

So I guess I’ll have to keep waiting until I finally can use tables. :sob:

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If you cannot update Chrome, there’s a risk you won’t be able to use v1.5 of Obsidian either, even if it’s a public release… but that’s a problem for tomorrow I guess :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right. I’m on the way to patch my old macs with the “open core legacy patcher” so I’ll be able to run every macOS I want on them.

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