1.4.14 won't run in background on ubuntu 22.04.3

I can’t follow the troubleshooting procedure as it doesn’t apply.

Steps to reproduce

Install Obsidian using either snap or Applimage
Attempt to run in the background (> obsidian &)
NOTE: running it not in the background (> obsidian) produces a perfectly working implementation

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

No, because it doens’t get that far

Expected result

A standard startup window with options to open a vault

Actual result

A white window with a constant - but flickering and moving around on the screen - progress bar, and nothing in the command bar at all, which can only be killed by killing the calling terminal. Killing the processes just leaves it a zombie.

If I run the same command without backgrounding it, it works fine, as does right-arrow on the Applimage icon in the files window


Additional information

does ./Obsidian.appimage not work?

Can you post a screen recording?