0.8.4 problems that I want to show

I encounter a problem with the newest version of 0.8.4.
Firstly, I try to test the new funciton using two pages. I write something in page of test1 about page of test2, and then I try to see what happens in test2. And then , I found it was werid. This is test2’s Backlinks.

Above the picture, we can look several items having same contents. But that’s not true.
Let’s start to see the page of test1.
You can see this test1 page doesn’t have any same items.
So I think that’s the problem and I wish it would be modified. And Obsidian is the best note I believe. Thanks for the author and team working for development of Obsidian.

So the core issue is duplicate listings in Linked Mentions, yes?

This was already reported.

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I got it thank you very much

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