0.10.3 - Keyboard not functioning properly after Obsidian 0.10.3 update

I have my keyboard remapped to swap ESC and CAPS LOCK and since the 0.10.3 update the application no longer acknowledges the remap. This shatters my experience significantly and I am just curious if I need to try and figure out a workaround in the event the issue cannot be resolved after the reworking of keyboard shortcuts. Thanks!

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I haven’t “remapped” anything but I use the dvorak layout on my mac. The keys now seem to be bound to the hardware keyboard not the logical keyboard (so dvorak is ignored) tsk.


@oldtowneast the same behaviour was reported by a user on Discord. Was that you? Does it still happen after restarting obsidian?

@obcharles that is exactly the point of this update. To have keyboard layout independent hotkeys.

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If you have issues with this update about this plase join the chat on discord.

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Yes it does.

We’ll look into this.

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I’ve headed over to Discord, however FWIW, I’ve got the same issues and use the Colemak layout on macOS Big Sur. Only shortcuts seem affected. While the mappings appear correct eg.

if I try to remap bindings, then I can see that it’s using a QWERTY layout. eg. I pressed COMMAND+SHIFT+N but ended up with this:


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we will make another major change in 0.10.4. Let’s hope that it works for most people.

Hmmm, ok that is non-intuitive to me. I am a long-term dvorak user so my fingers are “bound” to that layout. So, for example to type an ‘o’ my finger taps the ‘s’ key on a QWERTY (normal in the USA) keyboard.
But I can see how this might be the only good “neutral” solution you have to whatever the problem you were solving.
if this is the long-term direction of obsidian then I need just need to remap my keys. (or maybe this is my excuse to write a plugin for this purpose

we have release 0.10.4 with another hotkey mapping function.

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I know the bug has been shoved into the graveyard but I just wanted to let everyone know the Obisidan Development Angels have already graced us by squashing this bug. My hats go off to your timely response and quick-wits. You guys are awesome!